Software testing equals mental health.

Do you know that feeling when an app or a software you need just doesn’t work? It sucks big.

A shitty software can ruin the entire game. We hunt the bugs so that you or your client don’t need to suffer them. Testing equals mental health because everyone’s just happier when software works.

Testing gurus at Prove are professional bug hunters. Nothing more. Nothing less. And we are the best when you already are in a hurry. When your time is of the essence!

5 ways we can help. See our Services.

Hunting the bugs that threaten the value of your product or business. Finding the bottlenecks of your services by the means of professional load- and performance testing. Exposing your vulnerabilities in a hacking intensive. Building the base for your future test automation efforts. It’s all here.

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Only fast and relevant test results. When time is of the essence. Our LAB is always ready to help in your testing challenge.

Miracles can happen in a 5 day testing intensive. You can see our real time schedule on the testgurushop -site and even place an order. Dare to try?

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Our Software Testing Blog has inspired our readers through a decade and we have made a few enemies with the stories as well. These ideas aren’t for everybody!

Now compiled 70 most popular ideas in one publication. The testimonials are over the top. See for yourself.

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From the blog

  • Be in charge of the results you deliver

    Imagine it’s late and your working on the computer. Footsteps at the front door catch your attention.That piece of information is the content. Now, for most of us, the brain starts to work on ...

  • Two missing ingredients of our reports.

    Have you been to a dinner party with some friends when someone asks the traditional conversation starter “So what do you do”? The deep silence seemed to follow my response ...

  • Why is a risky question in a retro.

    Can you imagine a situation when you were a teenager? You had promised to come home no later than 10 pm on Friday. You know that you are hours past the deadline when returning home that night. Trying ...


  • Läpimurtojen mekaniikka -leiri

    13.12.2018 - 14.12.2018 - 09:30 - 16:30 Hotelli Iso-Syöte Isosyötteentie 246 SYÖTE Kaikki alkaa varoituksen sanoista, jotka isä lausui pojalleen. Muistatko ...

  • Läpimurtojen mekaniikka -leiri

    29.11.2018 - 30.11.2018 - 09:30 - 16:30 Hahkialan Kartano Hahkialantie 30 Hämeenlinna Kaikki alkaa varoituksen sanoista, jotka isä lausui pojalleen. Muistatko ...

  • Testauksen johtaminen -kurssi

    17.09.2018 - 18.09.2018 - 09:00 - 16:30 Tapahtumahotelli Huone Länsisatamankatu 16 Helsinki ...

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